Tuesday, 21 January 2014

How Twirpy Hatched ~ Jen chirping!

For Christmas 2012 my family decided to have a DIY secret Santa exchange. Knowing all the handy men in my fam I added birdhouse to my list wondering if anyone would attempt to make. I was delighted and excited to receive 3 rustic and charming custom made birdhouses from my Dad and brother. Weeeeee!! I couldn’t wait to put them in my backyard. Everyone was so impressed with how cute they turned out. Mama T said “Hey, Dad should make the birdhouses and Jen can paint and sell them!” I kinda laughed and thought yeah right. But the idea kinda grew on me. Daddyo started working on prototypes and at the end of January he had built over 20 mini birdhouses. Everything was falling into place.

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