Tuesday, 28 January 2014

From Our Nest

Kristina grew up in Escondido and quickly found her love for art and all things creative thanks to her Mom and Granny Jane. Won quite a few awards in school and unlike math, these things came very easy to her. As a kid, anything fashion or craft related was a favorite. If it was by Crayola, she had it... her favorite things were Light Bright, Barbie Fashion Plates, Spirograph, Home Ec, Puffy Paint crafting, accessorizing and matching her outfits (they ALWAYS had to match), My Little Pony, Care Bears and lots of Rainbow Bright. If it had anything to do with Art or Fashion, she was all over it. Sports? Not so much.

Knowing that all she ever wanted to do was study fashion, she started working in the industry at Nordstrom, went to college and studied Fashion Design and after college relocated to Orange County from San Diego when she met her future husband. While always knowing her long term goal was to be in the apparel industry, she worked with many different companies gaining corporate experience and landed her first fashion job in OC at St. John for a bit. Now having 5 years at Draper's & Damon's under her belt, she's busy being the glue that holds the entire corporate and and field retail division together.

Kristina and Jesse have lived in Rancho Santa Margarita for almost 11 years with their basset hound Daisy, who is undeniably spoiled rotten. They both attend Coast Bible Church and are involved with the High School ministry with the Harrison's. Their days are filled with work and their nights and weekends are filled with friends and family.

Jen grew up in Escondido loving to craft and create from a very young age. As a kid she would create and style looks for her and little sister Angela from her dads shop rags. She loved to build forts and tree houses with her 3 siblings and always up for adventure. She grew to love fashion and looked forward to somehow work in the industry. Her family always said she would grow out of it but she KNEW otherwise!!

Jen has been married to Doug Harrison since 2005. Doug has been a teacher at Stoneybrooke Christian school in Ladera Ranch for ten years. He also leads worship at Coast Bible Church and they both serve in the Trek youth group together. Jen thrived in her career in fashion working for so many great companies: Nordstrom, Surya Inc, and St John Knits until she took time off in 2011 to start a family.

Currently Jen is working overtime being a mom to Charley Sue (18 months) and is pregnant with Baby #2, another girl due in May! Twirpy is such an important part of her life because it allows her to create and work on special projects in addition to the everyday tasks of being a wife and mama.

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