Monday, 10 March 2014

Etsy Launch ~Jen Chirping

We went back and forth on signing up for Etsy, but we decided it would be good exposure for us and we liked the idea of having a place people could go see our product.

We worked hard to get things ready!


We are still learning the ins and outs of Etsy and how to promote ourselves. We advertise on our Instagram and Facebook pages

We also hosted a fun giveaway for Christmas

We always love feedback!! Let us know how you market yourself through your Etsy shop!

Moms Club Btq ~ Jen chiping

One of our friends Cassi was in charge of this MV moms club shows.

It was a bit last min that we decided to go but we were given a great spot on the patio!!

Kristina had some FAB new Ball jar vases that sold great

I sold my last 2 chevron signs to the princesses who were there for story time!

Stitched show ~Jen chirping

Kristina and I had been following the Stitched girls and were OBSESSED with them!! We were Soooooo excited to see they put on a show!! We tracked one down and found out it was in Ramona!! The same town my Dad lived in growing up.

We just died when we got there, the set up was in the old town hall and it was to DIE for!! We were in the same room as stitched along with our friend Little Mamas.

Kristina and I met Purse Mafia for the first time and we were THRILLED to make a trade

Montevideo Spring Show ~Jen Chirping

We had a friend who recommended we try out this show. We really wanted to get as much exposure as we could so we were happy to be a part of it!

Counting down the days with the new reversible chalkboard count down sign :0)

We added some additional product to our shop and we had a really great response from shoppers!!

one of my FAV new items is the Twirpy on a Stick! They look fab in a pot by the front door or under a covered patio!

Our Very first Craft show at Crossline~Jen chirping

We were SO excited to have our first show at Crossline Church. We worked furiously to get our product ready. We were thrilled to have so many sweet friends and supporters come out to see us and shop. Our booth turned out great and we couldn't wait to do another show!!

Some of our first Product~Jen Chirping

We started off with Birdhouses as our main item. My Dad made me a bunch of the mini twirpys as well as 2 other options that could be functional for outdoors. I had made a few pallet signs for my home and decided to also make some for Twirpy. Kristina with her artistic background had made these beautiful block frames for some friends for Christmas that everyone was in love with. It was all coming together!!

A Heart For Haiti ~Jen Chirping

My husband Doug and I had the opportunity to travel with Grangou on a mission trip to Haiti together for the first time the summer of 2011. You can read the support letter we sent out below. God really worked in our hearts that summer what an amazing ministry!!

Dear Friends and Family,

God is working in our lives in great and mighty ways. We have stepped out in faith and we are trusting in God to direct our path. We are excited to share with you a ministry opportunity God has put on our hearts. This summer we will be traveling to Port au Prince, Haiti July 23rd-August1st with a group from our church. Port au Prince is the capital of Haiti and is still recovering from the devastating earthquake of Jan 2010. So many people are homeless, struggling to survive, it is estimated that now over 185,000 children are living on the street in Port au Prince. We will be feeding and doing outreach to the Zanfan Lakay Home for former street children and those currently living on the street. Our group will be working in an orphanage called La Maison des Enfants de Dieu, a ministry to orphaned children, birth parents, and the people of Haiti.

This summer will be Grangou’s 3rd Annual Summer VBS & Outreach trip to Port au Prince. Grangou is the Haitian Creole word for hungry and is also the name of the non-profit Christian organization (founded by Mike and Carrie Gibson) committed to serving the physically & spiritually starving nation of Haiti. The first VBS had 80 children and this year we are expecting over 600!! We will be training approximately 100 Haitians to help us lead this effort and will be conducting 3 half day Vacation Bible School Programs to include crafts, games, music, snack, message and lunch.

This trip provides the opportunity to meet the physical and spiritual needs of a community that is desperately in need. More then anything we are seeking your prayers for our team and those whose lives will be touched by God through us. There are so many details that need to come together in the next few months. We ask that you pray for safety, good health, smooth travel, and financial support. Please also pray that we will help to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to this hurting nation. Just knowing that you are praying for us will give us peace as we go into this unfamiliar place.

Beyond your prayers, if you are led to join us in this ministry by financially supporting this mission, we would be grateful. Doug and I need to raise $3,200 for both of us to go on the trip. If you are interested in donating please make all tax-deductible checks out to Grangou. We thank you in advance for your prayers and support and hope to hear from you soon.

In the Grip of Grace,

Doug and Jen Harrison

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit” Psalm 34:18

Ever since that trip we have jumped into the ministry of Haiti head first. Because we were blessed with little Charley Sue I was heart broken that I wasn't able to travel back to Haiti with my husband and his team. This inspired me to give back in a small way through Twirpy Woods. We decided to team up with Grangou and donate a bible for every item sold!! Doug continues to travel to Haiti twice a year and he is able to share Gods love and deliver our bibles and gifts!!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

From Our Nest

Kristina grew up in Escondido and quickly found her love for art and all things creative thanks to her Mom and Granny Jane. Won quite a few awards in school and unlike math, these things came very easy to her. As a kid, anything fashion or craft related was a favorite. If it was by Crayola, she had it... her favorite things were Light Bright, Barbie Fashion Plates, Spirograph, Home Ec, Puffy Paint crafting, accessorizing and matching her outfits (they ALWAYS had to match), My Little Pony, Care Bears and lots of Rainbow Bright. If it had anything to do with Art or Fashion, she was all over it. Sports? Not so much.

Knowing that all she ever wanted to do was study fashion, she started working in the industry at Nordstrom, went to college and studied Fashion Design and after college relocated to Orange County from San Diego when she met her future husband. While always knowing her long term goal was to be in the apparel industry, she worked with many different companies gaining corporate experience and landed her first fashion job in OC at St. John for a bit. Now having 5 years at Draper's & Damon's under her belt, she's busy being the glue that holds the entire corporate and and field retail division together.

Kristina and Jesse have lived in Rancho Santa Margarita for almost 11 years with their basset hound Daisy, who is undeniably spoiled rotten. They both attend Coast Bible Church and are involved with the High School ministry with the Harrison's. Their days are filled with work and their nights and weekends are filled with friends and family.

Jen grew up in Escondido loving to craft and create from a very young age. As a kid she would create and style looks for her and little sister Angela from her dads shop rags. She loved to build forts and tree houses with her 3 siblings and always up for adventure. She grew to love fashion and looked forward to somehow work in the industry. Her family always said she would grow out of it but she KNEW otherwise!!

Jen has been married to Doug Harrison since 2005. Doug has been a teacher at Stoneybrooke Christian school in Ladera Ranch for ten years. He also leads worship at Coast Bible Church and they both serve in the Trek youth group together. Jen thrived in her career in fashion working for so many great companies: Nordstrom, Surya Inc, and St John Knits until she took time off in 2011 to start a family.

Currently Jen is working overtime being a mom to Charley Sue (18 months) and is pregnant with Baby #2, another girl due in May! Twirpy is such an important part of her life because it allows her to create and work on special projects in addition to the everyday tasks of being a wife and mama.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Back To My Roots ~ Kristina chirping!

You know, some people are placed in your life for reasons you can't even begin to imagine. You keep the memories close to your heart and even if you lose touch, if it was meant to be... they always come back to you. That's certainly the case here! As Jen said earlier, we had been connected on and off over the years but when we found each other again it was at such a crucial point in my life and I knew I needed more. More church, different friendships, etc. One thing that I literally always hoped for was to get back to my creative roots and art background. I love my job but it doesn't leave me much time to craft, paint, draw, etc., so when Jen and I reconnected it was as if her love of crafting and mine brilliantly and seamlessly collided. Craft night after craft night, I was hooked once again and Twirpy Woods slipped away from a dream and turned into reality. I literally hadn't picked up my art supplies in over 10 years but now I had the perfect excuse to. Well, I may have had to buy a craft cabinet to put all my new supplies into but that's an entirely different story (and I still am trying to find a space to keep all the wood... because I'm not sure it really belongs in the dining room). I really owe Jen so much for all the different reasons and things she's brought back into my life and has done for me, but getting back to being creative is at the top of my list. Sure, there are nights where I'm up till dawn getting Twirpy stuff ready for a show the next day, but I absolutely love it and I don't know what I'd ever do without it. Or her.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Birds of a Feather ~ Jen chirping!

Justanocgirl & sassystar together again! Kristina & I met while working in Active for Nordstrom in 1999. We both loved clothes, boys, and having a good time! Needless to say we weren't able to take much of our paychecks home, but instead were constantly using our employee discount to add to our FABULOUS growing wardrobes!! K & I formed a fast friendship working and playing together. Nordstrom was THE place to work and we ran in the coolest crowd, dancing and living the dream!
I went off to college in Chicago and Kristina and I fell out of touch. Fast forward to 2006ish and Doug and I randomly started bumping into each other around town here in Rancho Santa Margarita!! How funny that K had been living in the same town and we didn't even know it! Doug & I invited them to our annual Halloween parties and we started to walk and reconnect. I was working at St John at the time and told Kristina about a job there. She ended up getting the job and worked in the corporate office!! CRAZY stuff!! One Sunday I remember K posting something about getting back to church on Instagram and I told her she should come to Coast Bible. They ended up coming and now they serve on the Trek Youth team with us. Oh how God works in amazing ways!! Kristina also shares my love for crafting and when I was beginning Twirpy Woods she was SO helpful and excited for me. We decided to partner together...lets me honest I could NEVER have done it without her!!

Twirpy Gets a Name ~ Jen chirping!

When deciding the name of my little bird house business I really wanted the option to sell other wood items down the line. So it made sense to somehow incorporate wood in the name. Lots of spit balling went on…so much goes into a name! I also wanted something memorable and catchy but also something that was unique and different. A name that NO one else had (I mean are you surprised?). :0) Many people helped to give suggestions…House of Tweets, Woody Goodies, Wood Werks. Mama T for the win again came up with Chirpy Woods, which we eventually tweaked to Twirpy Woods.

How Twirpy Hatched ~ Jen chirping!

For Christmas 2012 my family decided to have a DIY secret Santa exchange. Knowing all the handy men in my fam I added birdhouse to my list wondering if anyone would attempt to make. I was delighted and excited to receive 3 rustic and charming custom made birdhouses from my Dad and brother. Weeeeee!! I couldn’t wait to put them in my backyard. Everyone was so impressed with how cute they turned out. Mama T said “Hey, Dad should make the birdhouses and Jen can paint and sell them!” I kinda laughed and thought yeah right. But the idea kinda grew on me. Daddyo started working on prototypes and at the end of January he had built over 20 mini birdhouses. Everything was falling into place.