Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Back To My Roots ~ Kristina chirping!

You know, some people are placed in your life for reasons you can't even begin to imagine. You keep the memories close to your heart and even if you lose touch, if it was meant to be... they always come back to you. That's certainly the case here! As Jen said earlier, we had been connected on and off over the years but when we found each other again it was at such a crucial point in my life and I knew I needed more. More church, different friendships, etc. One thing that I literally always hoped for was to get back to my creative roots and art background. I love my job but it doesn't leave me much time to craft, paint, draw, etc., so when Jen and I reconnected it was as if her love of crafting and mine brilliantly and seamlessly collided. Craft night after craft night, I was hooked once again and Twirpy Woods slipped away from a dream and turned into reality. I literally hadn't picked up my art supplies in over 10 years but now I had the perfect excuse to. Well, I may have had to buy a craft cabinet to put all my new supplies into but that's an entirely different story (and I still am trying to find a space to keep all the wood... because I'm not sure it really belongs in the dining room). I really owe Jen so much for all the different reasons and things she's brought back into my life and has done for me, but getting back to being creative is at the top of my list. Sure, there are nights where I'm up till dawn getting Twirpy stuff ready for a show the next day, but I absolutely love it and I don't know what I'd ever do without it. Or her.

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